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cartoon girlsEver got bored with your desktop?

Cartoon Girls will stop that happening!!

Let me introduce Johlee, the first of the new generation of more relaistic 3d animated sexy cartoon girls for your desktop.

Johlee is one the sexiest cartoon girls ever to hit the desktop.
She will keep you amused for hours, and hours, and hours.....


< - - Tahni 3D - click here!

Includes new "Adult" mode and mature content


What are desktop cartoon girls?


There are now quite a few different cartoon girls for available to spice up your desktop.

These interactive programs are not just a lot of fun to play with but are now even more sexy with an "adult" option.

To read full details of what these awesome cartoon girls can do visit our Cartoon Girl Review Page

These animated cartoon girls will dance, play, fight, flirt and tease for you on your desktop. They will keep you company when you are waiting for a file to download and keep you entertained while waiting for a web site to load.

Say goodbye to desktop boredom!!! Get your Free Download NOW!


What do the desktop cartoon girls do?

What don't they do would be a better question, these girls will keep you amused and entertained for ages. I'm still discovering new secret click combinations all the while..

You don't need to take my word for it though, try the free trial version (Spyware Free) - Download NOW!!



These girls are very playful to say the least, their sole purpose is to keep you amused and entertained.

You can click on different parts of their bodies and get all sorts of different reactions from of them most of which are either very funny or sexy, or sometimes both!!!

There are even secret combinations of clicks for you to discover that provoke special reactions from the girls...





There's even a "duo" set of carton girls - Sugar'n'Spice!

These tow girls have a lot of fun together, sometimes they even seem to forget that you are watching them and get a bit carried away...




There's also the original, and still very sexy, Kahli.

If you want to have some serious cartoon girls fun happening on your desktop grab the free download now....


Free Download!


Tech. Spec.: Kahli & Tahni cartoon girl desk mates are ONLY available for Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, NT and XP.

Other cartoon girls? 

Maeka is the a recent and positively medievil addition to the sexy cartoon girl world.


Maeka, the medievil sexy cartoon girl - Download Maeka Now Free!!!


Looking for something raunchier?

Desktop virtual girls - free download

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